How to generate QR Code in PHP

QR Code stands for Quick Response code. Initially, it is developed for automotive industry but later it is widely used in a wider range of applications. By using this, we can replace a large amount of information, smart card data, consumer advertising, website url, telephone number, article and much more into a just two dimensional matrix Barcode. It is capable to store up to 4,296 alphanumeric characters of arbitrary text. The generated code can be read by a QR Code reader software using optical smart devices. PHP provides several libraries to generate QR code. Generating QR Code is very easy in PHP.

Generating QR Code using phpqrcode library

Here, we are using QR Code library. For using this, first download the QR Code library from the Github OR you can download from here -

PHP QR Code Library

Download and extract the folder and place the extracted folder in your appropriate project directory where you want to execute. Now create a PHP file in the same folder where you placed the phpqrcode folder. We need to include 'qrlib.php' file to use a function named 'png()'. This function is inside QRcode class which outputs directly a QR code in the browser when we pass some text as a parameter.


QRcode::png(text, file, ecc, pixel_size, frame_size);

text - the text message which needs to be in QR code,
file - location to save the generated QR code,
ecc - to specifies the error correction capability of QR code, it has four levels L, M, Q and H,
pixel_size - to specifies the pixel size of QR,
frame_size - to specifies the size of QR.

Copy and paste the below code in your php file and replace the value in content variable.

    include "phpqrcode/qrlib.php" ;
    $content = "" ;
    QRcode::png($content) ;

When you will execute the above code, you will get this QR Code.

QR Code

So, this is the way to access a brand's website more quickly by QR code scanner rather than by manually entering a URL.

Generating QR Code using tc-lib-barcode library

In the second example, we are using tc-lib-barcode library to generate QRCode of a text string. The output formats of this library can be PNG Image, SVG Image, HTML DIY, Unicode String or Barcode String. Here, we are using composer to install tc-lib-barcode library. So, open your terminal window and go to your project directory and run the following command to install this library.

composer require tecnickcom/tc-lib-barcode

You can see the installation of tc-lib-barcode library as in the below screenshot. This includes utility PHP classes to generate linear and bi-dimensional barcodes.

Install tc-lib-barcode

The source code to generate QRCode of an url string is as follows -

    // Include the library in your project
    require ('vendor/autoload.php');
    // Instantiate the library class
    $barcode = new \Com\Tecnick\Barcode\Barcode();
    $dir = "qr-code/";
    // Directory to store barcode
    if (! is_dir($dir)) {
        mkdir($dir, 0777, true);
    // data string to encode
    $source = "";
    // ser properties
    $qrcodeObj = $barcode->getBarcodeObj('QRCODE,H', $source, - 16, - 16, 'black', array(
        - 2,
        - 2,
        - 2,
        - 2
    // generate qrcode
    $imageData = $qrcodeObj->getPngData();
    $timestamp = time();
    //store in the directory
    file_put_contents($dir . $timestamp . '.png', $imageData);
     //Output image to the browser
      echo '<img src="'.$dir . $timestamp.'".png" width="200px" height="200px">';

We receive the following output on the above code execution -

Generate qrcode using tc-lib-barcode

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