PHP Exercise : Set a cookie to store login detail

Write a program to store the username in cookie and check whether the user have successfully login or not.


Cookies are pieces of content that are sent to a user's web browser. To set a cookie, we must call the setcookie() function before sending any other content to the browser, because a cookie is actually part of the header information.

Syntax of setcookie()
setcookie(name, value, expire, path, domain, secure, httponly);

The following example demonstrates how to store the username in a cookie and check whether that user successfully login or not -

	$submitted =  isset($_POST['username']) &&  isset($_POST['password']);
	if($submitted) {
		setcookie('username', $_POST['username']);
	<title>User Authentication</title>
	<?php if ($submitted): ?>
	<p>Hello <b><?php echo $_POST['username']; ?></b></p>
	<?php else: ?>
	<p>Login First</p>
	<?php endif; ?>

In the above code, we have set a variable to know if we submitted a login or not, and sets the username in cookie.

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