Javascript Tutorial

Javascript Introduction

Javascript is a lightweight programming language, it is used to make most interactive and dynamic web pages. It is most widely used because it can be easily integrated with HTML and almost all popular programming languages like PHP, Java, ASP .net. It is supported by all popular web browsers.

Javascript was developed by Brendan Eich in 1995. Initially, Javascript was officially called LiveScript and deployed in Netscape navigator. Later it was renamed as Javascript. Netscape later submitted Javascript to ECMA International.

Javascript has many features and today it is a part of almost all websites. Many useful libraries are developed using javascript that helps to reduce development cost.

These are the most common uses of Javascript.

  • Javascript is most commonly used in client side form validation.
  • By using javascript, we can call actions and events on the window and page loading.
  • You can make a more interactive image, video, audio gallery. Like to make image slider, to popup image on the web page.
  • We can easily show/ hide contents or replace contents on some event.
  • This can be also used to expand and contract sections.
  • This becomes best choice to show alert and notification on web pages.
  • We can easily add an event on mouse over, mouse click etc.
  • This is also used to detect the browser's window and screen size.