jQuery Effects

jQuery comes with a number of preset effects. You have noticed these effects while net surfing, like - sliding up and down of some element, fading in and out with specific opacity, hiding and showing of elements.

In addition to the prebuilt effect methods, we can create our own custom animations. jQuery provides animate() method, this method gives us complete control over the animation.

jQuery categories effects in four types. The categories and methods under the particular category are listed below -

Basic Effects

Effects Descriptions
hide() To hide elements.
show() To show elements.
toggle() To show/hide elements.

Custom Effects

Effects Descriptions
animate() To create custom animation.
delay() To set timer to delay execution of queued function on the selected element.
finish() To complete the all queued animation for the selected element.
stop() To stop the running animation on the selected element.

Fading Effects

Effects Descriptions
fadeIn() To shows the selected element by fade in to opacity.
fadeOut() To hides the selected element by fade out to opacity.
fadeTo() To fade the selected element by adjusting their opacity.
fadeToggle() To hide/show the selected element or toggle between fadeIn and fadeOut.

Sliding Effects

Effects Descriptions
slideDown() To shows the selected element with slide.
slideToggle() To shows/hides the selected element with slide.
slideUp() To hides the selected element with slide.

Further, we have explained the most common effects in brief.

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