Kotlin Infix Function

In this post, we will learn about the infix notation used in the Kotlin functions. Infix notation is the notation where an operator or function is placed between the operands or arguments.

Example of Infix Function

val direction = "East" to "West"

To define an infix function, place the infix keyword before the fun keyword.

The following requirements must be fulfilled to make a function infix.

  • The function must be a member function or extension function.
  • They must have a single argument.
  • The parameter must not have default values or a variable number of arguments.

Example of Infix Function

fun main(args : Array<String>)  {  
	val acc2 = InfixFunc()
    acc2 add 100.00
class InfixFunc {
    var balance = 10.0
    infix fun add(amount: Double): Unit {
        this.balance = balance + amount

In the above example, we have called the function using infix notation. The calling of the function is same as -

account2 add(100.00)

Infix function calls have lower precedence than the arithmetic operators, type casts, and the rangeTo operator and its function call precedence is higher than that of the boolean operator && and ||, is- and in-checks.


x && y xor z and x && (y xor z)
x xor y in z and (x xor y) in z

The above expressions are equivalent.

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