Python If Else Statement

The if else statement is used to execute one of two statements based on the condition.

Syntax of If Else Statement

if condition:

In this, if the expression within the if statement is true, then the statements within the if are executed otherwise the statements within the else are executed. The condition is a boolean expression that determines whether or not the if block or the else block will be executed, A colon (:) must follow the condition.

Example of If Else Statement

>>> x = 10
>>> if(x > 10):
	print("x is greater than 10")
	print("x is less than 10")

x is less than 10
>>> y = 20
>>> if(y == 20):
	print("y is equal to 20")
	print("y is not equal to 20")

y is equal to 20

Output of the above code
Python if else statement