Characteristics of a Good Computer Program

We know that each computer requires proper guidance set (programs) to play out the necessary task. The processing of task depends on the given instructions. So it is also important that the provided instructions should be in a proper way. Therefore, a program should be written in such a way, that it is more clear to understand and implement. So that, it can provide us the desired output.

Characteristics of a Good Computer Program

These are the following characteristics of a good computer program -


A program should be supported by many different computers. The program should compile and run smoothly on different platforms. So, portability is measured by how a software application can be transferred from one computer environment to another without failure. A program is said to be more portable, if it is easily adopted in different computer systems.


It is the process of fixing program errors and improving the program. If a program is easy to read and understand, then its maintenance will be easier. It should also prevent unwanted works, so that the maintenance cost in future will be low. It should also have quality to easily meet new requirements.


Program is said to be more efficient, if it takes less space and easily converted to machine language. The algorithm should be more effective. The program efficiency is also high if it has high speed during runtime execution of program.


The user's actual needs will change from time-to-time, so program is said to be reliable if it works smoothly in every version. It is measured as high reliable if it gives same performance in all simple to complex conditions.

Machine Independence

Program should be machine independent. Program written on one system should be able to execute on any other without any changes. It is not system specific and provide more flexibility.

Cost Effectiveness

Cost Effectiveness is the key to measure the program quality. Cost must be measured over the life of the program and must include both cost and human cost of producing these programs.


Program should be written in such a manner that it allows to add new features without changing the existing module. It should be always ready to meet new requirements. A high flexible software is always ready for a new world of possibilities.

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